One Wrong Turn Can Change Your Life

File a claim with help from an auto accident attorney in the Rockford-Belvidere, IL area

When another driver makes a mistake on the road, you shouldn't be held responsible.Auto related injuries can cost a pretty penny, and the driver at fault's insurance should have to take the financial hit. Working with an auto accident attorney in Belvidere, Illinois can give you the best chance at financial compensation for your injuries. The Law Office Of Theresa Wybrow PC will work hard to fight for your rights in and out of court.

If you been injured by a hit-n-run driver, by a truck, by a motorcycle, as a motorcyclist, as a pedestrian, or even in a boating accident, there should be benefits available to you to help with your medical bills and the financial burden presented by your healing process. Please contact us for a free strategy session. Call 815-975-9644.

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We can helps with all of the aspects of your case such as, but not limited to, the negotiation of medical bills, property damage to your vehicle, the loss of your personal property that was damaged in the accident, and the like. Call us for a free strategy session.

While you're recovering from your auto accident, our attorney will file claims and fight for your rights with the insurance company, insurance companies, or responsible parties to make sure all of your rights are protected and that your receive fair and just compensation for your injuries. We are in your corner, fighting your fight, when you can't. Make an appointment with us today!